About Us

About Stulity

Stulity.com is a website which runs by “RAJKAJ SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED”. It is an initiative to provide FREE and TRUSTED information regarding student’s needs (services). Basically a student’s services search engine. We are committed that “students could not face any problems and empowering them through FREE and TRUSTED information”.

Service provider

Those who provides services to the students. May be, any person, agency, organisation, and institute.

Services Service provider
Accommodation Pg,hostel,room,flat
Reading/study Library, book shop,notes,coaching,teacher
Daily uses Newspaper
Sell/purchase Shops (furniture, bed, chair etc.), books, old goods.
Food Tiffin,mess,shops,cook ,gas shop
Services Plumber ,electrician, maid, sweeper
Health Gym

Our speciality
  1. Free, quality and trusted information.
  2. Specific domain: students.
  3. Location specific.
  4. Fast and efficient search.

  • Name/company/agency/organisation name.
  • Address.
  • Contact numbers.
  • Email.
  • Location on map.
  • Facilities offered by vendor.
  • Charges/rates.

Students can freely access this relevant information from stulity.com in order to maintain effective reach to the vendors.